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How to brighten up your life or home – Visit an Artist in their Studio?

Yes I mean it, a simple visit to see an artist in their studio, may just change your life in a good way!

thanet open studios 2017

Think about it, most artists spend their life creating original one off pieces which rarely see the light of day in a public place or gallery. So unless you are a keen Art Buyer, Collector or Gallery Proprietor, you will never see probably 95% of all the work created.

So how to get to see it? and will it be to your taste anyway? – Well you’ll never know unless you go looking for it.

A really interesting way to see some of these creations is to meet up with the artists in their own studios. There you can see what they do, how they work, they may have works in progress on the easel, if you wish, you may have a chat with the artist, and find out ‘what makes them tick’ – You can bet that their lifestyle is quite different from yours! So what inspires them? how do they get ideas? In how many other walks of life can this happen?

I’ve never seen an opportunity to meet one on one, with professional actors, or singers, or musicians, or even accountants for that matter, in their own environment. So for a unique experience – You know what to do, – go and visit an artist on Open Studio day.

a corner of my studio

a corner of my studio

It just so happens, I am opening my studio along with 30+ other local artists on the last three weekends in August, from 10am to 4pm each day ie: 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th and 28th Bank Holiday Monday.

Here is a sneak preview of works on the easel!

In addition I have invited my artist friends to come and paint in the garden on Saturday 26th August, so do come and say hi, we don’t bite! We’d love to see you.

The Address: 21 Seafield Road, Broadstairs, CT10 2DD

So what was that I said at the beginning about brightening up your life or home? Ah yes – well you may just see a little gem that reminds you of something good, or someone special – and studio prices are usually less than gallery prices – as there is no commission to pay. A win win situation in my books!


Painting in my garden

Painting in my garden

Meet up with your favourite artist in 2017

This is my New Year’s resolution! It could be yours as well?

using watercolour last summer

using watercolour last summer

What do we gain from meeting Artists? –

  1. Some insight into the way they work,
  2. We can learn what motivates artists to keep creating,
  3. We can discover what it is we especially like about their works,
  4. We can get a glimpse of their lifestyle and how far they have to travel, to gather ideas for future works,
  5. We can establish a rapport with the artist,
  6. We may decide to start a collection of their work,
  7. We can learn about some of their techniques,
  8. We can perhaps improve our own creativity as a result.

I hope to do all these things over the coming months with my favourite artists.

I will meet them at their Exhibition Previews, where they are happy to discuss their work, I will visit them in their studios, during an Open Studio Event, I will see their work on Facebook, Instagram and other social media, and LIKE and SHARE their work to my friends. More importantly when I see work I really like, I will leave positive comments, and perhaps visit their web sites and online shops. I also watch their You Tube videos, I have learnt so much from these, especially online demonstrations.

As a result, wherever I go people come up to me and say “Oh I know you, we’re Facebook friends”.

So in 2017 – Go and Meet your favourite artists! Enjoy!



Meet the Artist – Open Studios and Art Trails – What’s it all about?

Would you love to meet up and chat with artists in their studios, but are too scared to do it?

Bow open studio sign

What will they be like?  Will I get halfway down their path and turn around in trepidation?

Can I think of anything to say and will we have ‘anything’ in common?  Will I be expected to buy something?

Do you recognise these thoughts? Have you been there? Would you prefer to visit the dentist?

I’ve been there, many times, – and I’m an outgoing sort of fellow. I love to visit Artists in their Studios and in practice, it never takes long to establish friendly conversations, and I rarely buy a work of art. So why all the scary thoughts?

I think it will take a psychiatrist to explain all these feelings, but suffice to say, do go along, with a friend if you like, and meet up with your local artists. You’ll be amazed at the variety and scope of their works, and wonder how they were made. If you’re very lucky, the artist may have an item on the easel, and be working on it as you arrive.

Artists at work

Artists at work

Needless to say, once past the front door, I’ve always had fascinating experiences at open studios and met some really wonderful friendly and creative people. So what are you waiting for. Almost every area in the country now has an annual Open studios event or an Art trail as they are sometimes called.  You first need to get hold of the booklet for all the details of times and addresses of venues etc. The booklet will usually have an example of each artist’s style of work, so first of all you need to choose two or three studios, not too far away, who seem to have works that you might like. Some studios show the works of several artists, so it’s almost like two for one. Choose a day and time when those studios are open, and take a friend along for the trip.

I guarantee you wont regret it, you’ll see lots of artworks, meet lots of creative people, perhaps consume lots of tea and biscuits, and maybe make some new friends. You may even acquire a permanent reminder of your day out and I bet you will want to do the same again soon.

In my area of Kent, there are three organisations who run open studios,

South East Open Studios  – more details here       held in June each year.

Thanet Open Studios    – more details here     held in August each year,

East Kent Open Houses     – more details here        held in October each year.

This year I’m sharing the studio of another local artist, Andrea Chappell whose work is really exciting. Here’s our leaflet, with all the details:

My Open Studio

My Open Studio


To check out some of the works in my studio click here




Invite an Artist into your home! It may change your life!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to invite an artist into your home?

I grew up from a very young age in a large old Victorian house of four floors, mostly undecorated since the war, and with holes in the plasterwork, which we covered over with posters of art exhibitions and the occasional map from National Geographic. My parents were artistic, father was an architect and mother was head of art at a large secondary school.

Peter Midgley Artist Self Portrait.

Peter Midgley 1921 – 1991 Self Portrait in oils.

To make use of the unused ground floor rooms, we had a professional artist, Peter Midgley, a prix de Rome finalist, Royal Academy Exhibitor and tutor at Ravensbourne College of Art & Design, set up his studio in the front North facing room and my parents established a pottery in the other rooms, where regular classes were held with a professional pottery teacher at the helm. Our upstairs studio, the largest room in the house, was used for drawing and painting classes and on saturday mornings was filled with all the local children for an hour or two, while their parents went shopping.

So Yes, I know all about having artists in my home! But I didn’t really mean in the literal sense! I was thinking more in terms of choosing an artwork to hang in your home.  Beyond knowing the name of the artist, what else do you know about them? Because to get the most enjoyment from a painting, it helps to know or understand the artist. If you are lucky, you may meet them in the gallery, and exchange a few words or even get their ideas behind your chosen work, but normally, the name is all you see, on the signature or on the label. So what are they like? What makes them tick? What could it be about their life experiences and background, that is displaying itself subconsciously in your chosen artwork?

Artworks by their very nature, are incredibly individual. They don’t have to perform a function like a machine or piece of furniture, neither do they have to conform to any rules of design. They are as varied and as unique as their creators, with all their complexities and since each artist has his own individual and unique story to tell, the variety is almost limitless.

Jazz Band Live on stage!

A Jazz Band in full flow! Another in my Musicians series

Maybe, as limitless as the improvised music of this Jazz Band.

So when choosing an artwork, if you can’t meet the artist, try to find out about them through a website or blog such as this, or from an Art Gallery which may have represented them, or perhaps from a Facebook Fan Page. If you are happy to bring one of their creations into your home and your family life, it could be so much more rewarding to get to know them, like a friend or a regular visitor. – Click on the photo to visit my gallery!

It might even change your life!