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Studio Stories – My New Website and Blog

Hello everyone and thanks for coming here to view my new website and blog.

Julian Lovegrove the Artist

This is me standing in front of my shed, looking the true artist!

My plan is to use this facility to engage with my followers and buyers, especially those who have met me in person or on my Facebook Pages, and later, as people get to know me. I hope to reach out to many more of you who are curious about an artists life and the creative spark that fires them.

Q Why did I do this? Good Question. I was encouraged to get more marketing savvy by a very skilled and successful ‘plein-air’ artist from Holland, Roos (Rose) Schuring!

Roos has put in many many hours of her time learning how to set up a modern website, complete with the necessary blog and newsletters, so she can retain control of her own communications and keep in touch with her followers and collectors. She says that many creatives produce wonderful work, but they exhibit or sell very little of it. 

In the past, artists had to rely on galleries, who themselves rely on their own customers, calling in to view each exhibition. Roos knows many artists who love making art, ¬†with popular appeal, yet have cupboards full of their unsold work. Yes – That’s me!

Many of us would love to have a system for exhibiting and promoting our work, yet we shy away from marketing, and end up in the hands of galleries or agents. Lucky for us artists, Roos has produced a course to help us get online and up to date.

I have taken her advice, because I want to clear out those cupboards, to make way for new and exciting work in the future. and since I enjoy writing about these matters, of which I am so passionate, ‘Studio Stories’ the blog, seemed the correct way to go!

So this is it – My attempt to join the professionals and converse with others, who would like to hear my story and who like what I am trying to achieve.